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About ME

I am a licensed and experienced electrician dedicated to providing the highest quality electrical services to homes and businesses in the Coffs Harbour Region.

Blackout Electrical is your local Electrician servicing Coffs Coast and surrounding areas.

If you’re considering building or renovating, upgrading your lights, power or switchboard, I offer quality electrical advice and solutions at an affordable rate.

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  • New installations
  • Renovations
  • Electrical maintenance & repair
  • Switchboard upgrades
  • Fault finding & rewiring
  • Television & data cabling
  • Fans
  • Lights & power
  • Smoke alarms
  • Lighting design
  • Customised electrical installations

Lights playing up?

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Meet jake

I’m the Founder & Electrician of Blackout Electrical

I am a licensed electrician and local resident of the Coffs Harbour Region. When I’m not busy solving electrical problems for my clients, you can find me out on the water, fishing and surfing some of the best spots along the coast.